Shaleise Collier, Ph.D.

Health and Wellness Coach

Dr. Collier is a Health and Wellness Coach with particular expertise in brain-behavior relationships. Dr. Collier received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology before completing her residency in Neuropsychology in Washington DC. Dr. Collier’s coaching philosophy emphasizes skill-power, not will-power, as the key factor to achieving healthier habits and sustainable weight-loss goals. As a results-driven practitioner, Dr. Collier utilizes research-proven techniques and practical tools to help her clients adopt healthier habits, achieve their wellness goals, and improve their emotional and behavioral health. Dr. Collier’s evidence-based approach is grounded in principles of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT), acceptance-commitment therapy (ACT), and motivational interventions.

As such, Dr. Collier has particular expertise in helping clients tackle a variety of unhealthy habits as they embark on their weight-loss journey, including (but not limited to): procrastination, lack of motivation, negative self-talk or self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, stress, ‘mindless’ eating, smoking, and other compulsive behaviors. Through a proactive process of self-exploration, accountability, and focused direction, Dr. Collier helps clients achieve meaningful goals and step into their best selves.